What is it?

The Night Stick was developed to address the increasing worldwide problem of bed bug infestation. It has become the most cost-effective method on the market for early detection against this growing epidemic. Night Stick Company, an innovator of pest control devices, has collaborated with innovative pest control experts in the field to bring this product to market. Together, they are one of the most progressive and successful bed bug solution providers in the country. The purpose of the Night Stick is to make it easy to stop or spot a new invader. Hotel staff and pest control technicians are provided with a simple, effective, first alert system.

The dark body of the bedbug instantly stands out in contrast against the Night Stick’s pure white color. Even the unfed light brown babies can be seen upon close examination. The bed bugs aggregate or fecal matter (small black dots) will also be visually present as a positive sign of infestation. The Night Stick not only provides the bedbug with preferred harborage sites, but has the ability to capture the bedbug as it snuggles into place to hide. The Night Stick is ‘on duty’ 24/7 and can actually become the tool that captures that single pregnant hitch-hiking bedbug, before she has a chance to lay her sticky little eggs in an obscure place.

The NIGHT STICK Solution

The hitch-hiking bed bug has become a perpetual concern and in some cases, a nightmare for the hospitality industry. Every country in the world is now dealing with bed bugs. They can easily be transported from a far country or from room to room by an unsuspecting human host, or one’s personal belongings. The daily routine of changing out linens can increase the frequency of room-to-room transference. The hotel industry has no way of preventing a bed bug transplant from taking place on a day-to-day basis. Pest inspection, then treatment, can clear a room today yet the bedbug can transplant itself back into the same room tomorrow, opening the establishment to yet another patron’s complaint, loss of revenue and undesirable publicity…if not worse. In 2010 alone there was a 300% increase in bed bug incidence, with no end in sight. The Night Stick drastically reduces the number of outbreaks by providing early detection & capture of the transplanted bed bug.


The Night Stick was designed to do its best at providing multiple, preferred hosting harborage sites. The bed bug has the ability to detect and potentially avoid a sticky surface, especially in its adult stage. Therefore, the Night Stick provides two distinctly different types of safe harborage. The top edge, as well as the grooved surface. is designed as harborage points without the use of glue.

This provides the glue avoiding bed bug a safe harborage, while making it easy for a visual inspection upon any complaint of new invaders. Scattered among the grooved surface is a maze of glue filled holes, providing an increased opportunity to capture the bed bug as it tries to navigate in a forward and reverse motion throughout the maze of sticky, perforated craters.

Early Detection is Key

Multiple Harborage Sites
Detection & Capture
Visual Inspection – Fast & Easy
Inspections Performed by Staff

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